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1 a case for carrying papers or drawings or maps; usually leather
2 a list of the financial assets held by an individual or a bank or other financial institution
3 the role of the head of a government department; "he holds the portfolio for foreign affairs"

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  1. a case for carrying papers, drawings, photographs, maps and other flat documents
  2. the collection of such documents, especially the works of an artist or photographer
  3. the post and the responsibilities of a cabinet minister or other head of a government department
  4. the group of investments and other assets held by an investor



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baton, book end, book support, book table, book tray, book truck, bookcase, bookholder, bookrack, bookrest, bookshelf, bookstack, bookstand, caduceus, callable securities, cats and dogs, certificate of deposit, chain of office, corporation securities, crook, crosier, cross-staff, fasces, folder, folio, foreign securities, futures contract, gavel, government securities, junior securities, listed securities, mace, mantle, marketable securities, municipal securities, negotiable securities, noncallable securities, note, outstanding securities, over-the-counter securities, revolving bookcase, rod, rod of office, scepter, securities, senior securities, short-term note, stack, staff, stocks and bonds, subject to call, treasury bill, treasury bond, treasury certificate, treasury note, truncheon, undigested securities, unregistered securities, wand, wand of office, warrant
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